Studio and clubroom workshop

Mon 7 Feb 2022 7:00pm

The next studio session will be working with a 3-light set up - primarly 2 front lights and a back light to allow for separation.

Come along and join in the fun!  :D - Tracy

Please come along and join us if you want to practise your studio skills, and/or need any help with processing or camera techniques.

Also help with print mounting too (the last print competition of this season - Hand In 09/02)

Let us know in advance as a comment below if you can.

Thanks, Alan

Townend Community Centre
15 Townfoot
KA11 4EQ


I'll be along although it will be 730 before I can make it. Thanks

I'll also be along around 7 :-)

Will try to come. It I can get there early I might kidnap the mannequins (Keep modelling live!)

Other than that I might hang out in the club room. I have mounted my prints (early!). Thanks to previous tuition in the club room on mount cutting.