Photowalk - Loudon Hill

Tue 21 May 2024 7:00pm

Photowalk at Loudon Hill, near Darvel.

Meet at the car park between 7 and 7:30pm.

Conditions can sometimes be muddy underfoot, so wear appropriate footwear.

There are two routes to the top of the hill, one is reasonable and one is a little more strenuous.

Midge repellent is advisable.

The 3 Photo themes for this evening are:

Foreground interest

Fill the frame

Rule of thirds

Please upload your 3 chosen images (ideally one using each of the 3 themes) to the competition section of the website by the following Monday evening  

Extra brownie points by combining two or more of the themes in one image  

Loudon Hill
Windy Wizen
ML10 6QJ


Hoping a car-share is on offer, please!  I live in Irvine. Thank you.