SPF Print Championship - Individual Scores

Date Published 
Sun 21 Aug 2022

These are the individual print scores from the 2022 SPF Print Championship which saw Irvine Camera Club come 4th in the Colour Prints and 8th Overall.

All prints scored from 2 to 5 by three judges, giving a minimum total score of 6 and a maximum of 15

Well done to everyone who had work entered 

Michele Campbell        Teachers Pet 13
Michele Campbell        The Lost Children 12
Michele Campbell        Miss Marple 12
Michele Campbell        Black Swan 12
Michele Campbell        Little Ballerina 10
Michele Campbell        Cotton Eye Joe 14

Clive Watkins              Hare 14                                            COMMENDED
Clive Watkins              A winters tale 11
Clive Watkins              Paddling out 14                                 HIGHLY COMMENDED
Clive Watkins              The Boat shed 10
Clive Watkins              Released 11
Clive Watkins              The Menai Bridge 12

Fiona Wallace              One man and his dug 13
Fiona Wallace              Fowl play 13
Fiona Wallace              The Burrower 14                       GOLD MEDAL - Best Colour Print
Fiona Wallace              The second city of the empire 12
Fiona Wallace              Doggone 13
Fiona Wallace              All the worlds a sage 11

Tracy Ross                  Golden Islet 11
Tracy Ross                  Getting to the point 11
Tracy Ross                  Elgol 12
Tracy Ross                  The performer and the puppy 12
Tracy Ross                  Bridge over Marsco 12
Tracy Ross                  Survivor 12

Chloe Campbell           Mad Harley 11
Chloe Campbell           The Lost Boys 12
Chloe Campbell           Talk Dont Talk 13
Chloe Campbell           War Boys 12

Alan Campbell             Feed Me 12
Alan Campbell             Sun Voyager 11
Alan Campbell             Mark 11
Alan Campbell             No 41 10

Alan Kempster             Water of Leith 9
Alan Kempster             Bridge to Nowhere 12
Alan Kempster             Bowser in the Snow 11

Colin Houston              Dalmation 12
Colin Houston              To North Queensferry 12
Colin Houston              Nether Largie standing stones 12
Colin Houston              The Last post 13

Robert Wark                Waiting Patiently 12

Pete Heywood              Simply Sparrow 9
Pete Heywood              A different Timescale 9

David Spelman             Steam Train Driver 12
David Spelman             Aztec Grandma 12

Colin Duffy                   Falling 12