SPF Digital Championship Results

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Mon 1 Feb 2021

The judging of the SPF Digital Championship took place this weekend.  Full rules and club results and awards can be found here.

Irvine Camera Club did reasonably well in ‘The Ian Bowie Trophy’ which required us to enter 20 images.   With 258 points we came a creditable 13th out of 18 clubs, which includes some of the most prestigeous clubs in Scotland.

We were helped on our way with Michele Campbell scoring top marks for her three images and being awarded a Bronze medal (Judge's Choice) for "Contemplation" and a Silver medal (Best Portrait) for "Flower Girl".   Very well done Michele!

Pete Heywood also scored maximum points with "Feral Family" - Well done Pete.

Gallery of our entry

The Irvine Camera Club results for all of our entries are given below.  For the scoring rules please see the link above.  Well done everyone!

We'll Meet Again                        20            Michele          Campbell        

Feral Family                              20             Pete              Heywood               

Flower Girl                                20             Michele         Campbell         Best Portrait Image - SPF Silver Medal

Snail on Honey Fungi                 18             Clive              Watkins              

Lady Erin                                  16             Ian                 Mortimer             

Pandemic Pit                             12             Tracy              Ross                             

Corroded Beauty                       12             Debbie           Andrews                            

Boscombe Pier                          12             Kevin             Thorne                              

Contemplation                          20             Michele         Campbell          Judge's Choice SPF Bronze Medal 

Possibly Not                             18             Robert           Wark                                         

Trumped                                  16             Clive              Watkins                                  

Frozen in Time                          16             Agnes            Dalziel                                      

One World                                16             Clive              Watkins                                  

Back off                                   16             Ian                 Mortimer                                  

A Coo's Lick                              14             Alan               Kempster                                  

Greetings                                 12             Alan               Kempster                                  

                                                258     Total Score  Irvine CC 


Wren                                        12             Ian                 Mortimer                                 

Pugwash                                   12             Alan               Kempster                                     

Miss Pollard                               12             Kevin             Thorne                                         

Early Morning Mist                     12            Kevin              Thorne            



Well done Irvine, and a big thanks to Clive for looking after the entry this year. We're back!

Well done to Michele on your achievement, very well deserved...

Submitted by paul-kelly on Mon 1 Feb 2021 8:46pm

Well done everyone. Some great images and results too