Prize-giving Slideshows

Date Published 
Thu 17 Jun 2021

The two slide shows from our prize-giving last night are now available on our YouTube Channel.

Congratulations to eveyone who won prizes!  More importantly, thank you to all our members for taking part in all aspects of our club's activities.  Here's to an even more successfull 2021/2022 season.

Review of the Year

Prize Winners



My sincere apologies, I forgot to thank you last night for all of your hard work in putting these together - I can only imagine how time consuming it must be.

On behalf of all of our members, thank you for all of your efforts.  Our Club would be a duller place without your passion and enthusiasm for photography.

Submitted by tracy-ross on Thu 17 Jun 2021 2:53pm

i am sure other members like me dont realise how much effort is put in by you guys n gals but very much appreciated anyway. I am still offshore till Monday at earliest. Catch up soon!

Thanks Billy - hope to see you soon.