A Message from the Irvine Clean Up Crew

Date Published 
Wed 7 Jun 2023

As you may know, Irvine Camera Club choose a local charity each year to support.  Sometimes judges and speakers forgo their fee & expenses - we use the money that we would have given them to donate to the charity.  Bob Wark sold a print at the Crosshouse exhibition and he also very kindly donated the proceeds to our charity.  

This morning I received this email from Irvine Clean Up Crew, our currently selected local charity...

On behalf of all our volunteers I would like to thank you and your members for your very kind donation.

We are heartened by the support and the recognition that we receive from other groups as we work to clear our town and beautiful beaches of litter.
Our annual insurance policy is due for renewal and your contribution will help towards this cost.
We would welcome any of your members to join us on any of our litter picks as we are always keen to document our work to show the difference a few hours litter picking can make!
With sincere thanks
Jean Harris

Irvine Clean Up Crew


Thanks Clive.  

Submitted by tracy-ross on Thu 22 Jun 2023 12:15am