In the local paper 24-10-2018 - Competition C1 images

Date Published 
Wed 24 Oct 2018

Irvine Camera Club’s first competition of the year was judged on 3 rd October by our good friend Stuart Strachan from Kilmaurs Photographic Club. Stuart is a renowned local

photographer with a special interest in natural history. His constructive and gentle
encouraging approach to judging photographs is always appreciated by the members of
Irvine Camera Club. Despite feeling a little under the weather, Stuart provided the club with
an in-depth appreciation of each of the competition entries. His considerations were very
well received by our beginner photographers as well as those with a little more experience.
This competition was an open theme, which basically means any subject is acceptable. It
can make the judges life very difficult as it’s never easy to weigh up the relative merits of a
magnificent landscape against a studio portrait or perhaps a sports action shot. Stuart did
an admirable job of selecting his favourite images on the night and each case explaining
what was working well and what could possibly be improved upon. It is always fascinating
and inspiring to hear such an accomplished and experienced photographer give their
technical and artistic advice on how our images could be improved.
The format for this competition was projected image. In the old days that would have
meant slide transparencies, but those have long since faded into the mists of time and today
we project solely from a computer using digital files. Each club member was allowed to
enter up to 3 images directly onto the club web site. Our competition secretary, Kevin
Thorne, then sends them all off to the judge for them to be assessed. On the night of the
competition the judge gives their thoughts, selects the photographs they think deserve a
special commendation and, at the end of the evening, the top 3 images are presented.
It was a good night for Clive Watkins who took top spot with his photograph “Good For You”
taken in Dublin of the Guinness Factory gates.
In second place was Ian Mortimer’s “Boys from the Hood” and in third was Heather Kyle’s
“Till Death Do Us Part”
Clive also earned a Highly Commended for his graphic shot “CalMac Shadow” of an
employee on a ferry deck
Commendations were also awarded to Kevin Thorne for his image “Rock Chick” of Sporty
Spice, Martin Nichola for his natural history image “Crowned Crane Wading” and to Clive
for his Tough Mudder image “Arctic Enema”
Best Beginner was awarded to Heather’s mum, Jakki Kyle, with her fun filled image “Look
Betty!” of a puffin coming into land, beak loaded with sand eels.
Irvine Camera Club meets on Wednesday evenings from 7pm at Townend Community
Centre in Dreghorn. New faces are always welcome along and you’ll be assured of a very
warm welcome.

= prepared by Clive Watkins


Great to see the club's pics in the paper again after our first competition of the season. Well done Clive on getting the pics and words together....and of course your winning pic. Again, thanks to all who entered the competiton and helped make it happen.