Irvine Herald Feature

Date Published 
Fri 14 Feb 2020

The Club's in the local paper again this week. Many thanks Clive Watkins and The Irvine Herald.....(click on images below to view full screen)

"The New Year got off to an exciting start at Irvine Camera Club with members, old and new, returning after the Christmas break with renewed enthusiasm.   The first big event of the year for the club was our second annual projected image competition. Once again, our keen photographers did not disappoint with a cracking collection of images assembled for our judge, Fiona Brims from Kirkintilloch, to cast her experienced eye over.  The club has taken on several new members this season and it was wonderful to see many of them submitting work for this competition. We certainly didn’t make Fiona’s job easy as the standard for this one was very high. As always though, there had to be a winner and Ian Mortimer stormed ahead with his excellent image of a purple heron catching a fish.  Ian explained that he had tried feeding the bird a small piece of bread, but instead if eating the bread, the heron had used it to lure the fish. I think David Attenborough had better watch out… Mr Mortimer is on your tail!

Debbie Andrews has a good night with two Highly Commended black & white photographs showing good composition and tone.  But remaining top honours went to Nimrod Asbury who took second with his colourful closeup of a tree frog, and Ian Mortimer again with something very different with his creative film noir, gangster inspired “Back Off”  studio photo.

All in all this was a fantastic evening of entertaining judging, lovely photography and, as usual, good company and friendly competition.  Not a bad way to begin another decade at Irvine Camera Club.

The club meets on Wednesday evenings at Townend Community Centre in Dreghorn.  Anyone with an in interest in photography is welcome to come along. You’ll be assured of a warm welcome, a cup of tea and biscuit, and lots of fun photography."


Hi Guys, would anyone from the Irvine neck of the woods be able to get me a copy of the Irvine Herald? I cant get a copy of in or around Kilbirnie.

Just saw your message and managed to get you one this evening. I'll bring it along on Wednesday.