In the Herald - A Whole Lot of Rubbish

Date Published 
Sun 17 Sep 2023

Irvine Camera Club recently went out along the river Irvine to document a big clean-up effort with Irvine Clean Up Crew, the Rubbish Paddlers, Irvine Sea Cadets, Scottish Maritime Museum, Coastwatch Irvine and other partners. 

Teamwork was needed to clear and remove all the rubbish from the river bend. Once Irvine Clean Up Crew and others cleared the mess, help came from the Rubbish Paddlers and Irvine Sea Cadets to remove the rubbish back to a large skip at the Scottish Maritime Museum slipway. 

Irvine Clean Up Crew Chair, Jennifer Pless said “We knew we wanted to target the riverbank, but we also knew we would need help. We are so grateful for everyone who came along to help, especially the Rubbish Paddlers and Sea Cadets for their help to load and transport the rubbish via the river. It certainly was a sight to be seen, all that rubbish being towed on boats and paddle boards. We also want to thank Coastwatch for providing first aid support, and Irvine Camera Club for documenting the efforts so beautifully.”

Neil Smith from the Rubbish Paddlers added “The river bend is difficult to access so rubbish tends to build up, out of sight out of mind. It makes you realise how quickly litter accumulates and how urgent it is to re-think our consumption habits. We left feeling inspired and up lifted by local people’s commitment to make things better.”

Many more photos here