In the Herald - Whitelee

Date Published 
Fri 16 Jun 2023

Summer photo walks are continuing with a recent visit to Whitelee Windfarm on Eaglesham Moor.  The weather was a little windy with a chill in the air, as you would expect up on the moor, but it allowed for some moody dramatic images to be taken and reminds us that far from perfect conditions can be ideal for creating great images. 

The windfarm is the UK’s largest onshore windfarm and open to the public for walking, cycling and riding horses and is a haven for wildlife with over 80 miles of tracks to explore.  Walking the trails between the 215 turbines it is difficult not to focus on the turbines and create images depicting their place within the landscape. 

With anything that is moving there is scope for creativity using slower shutter speeds, in this case to capture the massive blades as they rotate and for those brave enough to get right underneath them some interesting and unusual views can be discovered.  As with some of our other walks, it may not be the most obvious place to go with your camera but you will not be disappointed.

We have photo walks arranged every week throughout the summer and you are very welcome to come and join us.  Camera club members will be on hand to help less experienced photographers with everything from camera settings to composition.  Full details can be found on our website