In the Herald - The walkways and waterfalls

Date Published 
Wed 8 Jun 2022

A couple of weeks ago Irvine Camera Club took a short hike up the glen at Fairlie as one of our regular photo walks.  With stout footwear and suitable waterproof layers we trapsed up the steep path from Fairlie Station to the castle.  As it was cloaked in scaffolding and undergoing what looks like a major restoration, we decided to concentrate our photographic efforts on the many small waterfalls and cascades that tumble down the glen. 

In fact our challenges for the evening were moving water, details in the landscape and views across the Clyde.  We were a little worried about the last one as the weather did not look promising for landscape photography.   We needn’t have worried though because the storm clouds parted spectacularly offering us stunning views out across Cumbrae and beyond.  The rays of sun cut through the cloud picking out the islands and glistening on the sea.  It’s no surprise that many of stopped and spent quite some time just watching the light change and move across the scene. 

The waterfalls themselves were shrouded in the darkness of the gorge which cuts its way down the steep hillside.  Although a little precarious in places, many of us managed to get close the cascades, placing our cameras low down on tripods and selecting slow shutter speeds to create a soft, almost ethereal feel to the flowing water.

Plants and trees as well as even the occasional piece of graffiti provided the subjects for details in the landscape, pushing our photographers to think beyond the obvious pretty views and to look for something a little bit different.

At the end of the evening and with the light fading fast, some of us had to be almost dragged away from this magical place.  I hope you enjoy the photos our members have produced.  Keep an eye out on our website for details of upcoming photo walks, you are always welcome to come along!