In the Herald - Walkway with stunning views

Date Published 
Wed 22 Jun 2022

Dunure provides top backdrop for photos

On a beautiful summer’s evening a couple of weeks ago, members of Irvine Camera Club headed down to Dunure Castle for a Wednesday night photo-walk.  Dunure is one of our favourite locations as it offers spectacular views of the ruined castle, a quaint little harbour and stunning coastal scenery.

We arrived at around 7pm while the light was still quite harsh.  So, while we waited for the warm glow of the “golden hour” we spent some time exploring the harbour and looking for interesting details to photograph.  As the sun began to get lower in the sky, the light became warmer and the sky began to come alive with colour as the sun illuminated the clouds with shades of orange and purple.  The tide was at its lowest point so opportunities for seascape images were quite limited, although a couple returning kayakers did provide some visual interest on the water. 

The low raking sunlight also provided great shadows, great for emphasising shape, form and texture in photography.  This worked well on the details of the harbour but also on the rocky shoreline, often with the castle appearing in the distance.

Pete Heywood was keen to try out some off-camera flash lighting and he successfully convinced some of our members to pose for him, adding a great documentary element to the evening’s shoot.

As the sun dipped below Arran, the colours in the sky intensified and our last few images of the day were made, capturing the splendour of the Ayrshire coast at sunset.

Our weekly photo walks continue throughout the summer.  We cater for all levels of experience, so whatever camera you have, even if its just your phone, please feel free to come along and join in the fun.  You can find all our details at