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Wed 16 Jun 2021

This week we asked our members to provide a photograph of one of their favourite places in Scotland, either locally or further afield, together with a few words to let us know why it is special to them.

Sandra King

I love to walk along Barassie beach to Irvine.  I like to use my camera to make images of the shapes and patterns I find.  We are so lucky to live in such a picturesque part of the world!

David Spelman

Boat of Garten is a small village in the Highlands and is an ideal place for nature walks you are also close to the RSBP Osprey centre.  The area is ideal for wildlife photography landscape photography and, if you are interested in Railways, during the summer season a steam train stops at the train station on its Journey from Aviemore to Broomhill.  Being in the Highlands the scenery around the area is stunning and you are also close to Aviemore where there are various bars and restaurants.

Shane Kelly

This is a view of Galston (St Sophias' Church prominent) taken from one of the Irvine Valley Trails.  These were (and still are!) some of my favourite places/walks for simply recharging, enjoying life and shrugging off the lockdown blues.  Do yourself a favour and next time the world gets you down, take a wander on one the many lovely trails in this area.

Billy Stewart

My photo shows the South Ayrshire views between Ballantrae and Girvan.  It incorporates rolling hills down to the sheep hill-farm and diversity of the farm with sustainable energy in form of a wind turbine.   The farm-house has been extended and modernised but the roadside drystane dyke is prominent.

Ross Happell

Loch Fascally in Pitlochry is one of our favourite places to escape to.  I haven’t managed to get there this year, but I hope to get there again soon.  I love the beautiful autumn colours reflected in the water.  It provides time to lose your thoughts in the calming atmosphere and surrounding landscape.

Alan Kempster

The Forth Rail Bridge - what a beauty!  Opened in 1890, the Forth Bridge is a Scottish icon that is recognised the world over as the most famous of cantilever designs. The world's first major steel structure, the Forth Bridge represents a key milestone in the history of modern railway civil engineering and still holds the record as the world’s longest cantilever bridge.

It’s also a World Heritage site. So photogenic, it's clearly Scotland's "Eiffel Tower"!

Agnes Dalziel

My favourite place to visit in Scotland is the Isle of May, not for the scenery, but, visit at the right time of year and you are almost guaranteed to see puffins. They are not at all bothered by their human spectators so wander around mere feet away from you. There is something clown like in their appearance that always makes me smile.

Alan Campbell

My Image is of the Ayrshire coast looking towards Arran at Sunset. When you get Scenes like this on your doorstep what’s not to like?  It has been photographed a hundred time by me alone and it never fails to impress.

Donnie Briggs

My Grandfather was born and brought up in the village of Dunure and then became one of the local Fishermen in the Village.   I have fond memories of his fishing stories whilst sitting on the shoreline.  Whether they were true or not, I'll never forget them!

Tracy Ross

One of my favourite places in North Ayrshire was a lockdown discovery during 2020 on my first visit to Fairlie Moor.  The ascent uphill leads you to many picturesque waterfalls and woodland glens with stunning views over the Firth of Clyde.  The heavens opened at the top of the hill (of course) but rewarded me with a stunning double rainbow and some beautiful light.  I've only managed back once since this visit but hope to return soon.

Colin Houston

Main Street, St. Kilda.  I was very lucky to sail to St Kilda a few years ago and the visit has left a long-lasting impact on me. Remote, beautiful, historic and fearsome all in one. The weather was beautiful whilst on the island but fearsome on the way back.

Ian Johnston

My wife and I discovered Craigengillan estate during lockdown and it quickly became our favourite Ayrshire retreat.

Debbie Andrews

My favourite place is anywhere near a beach and living in Ayrshire we have the pleasure of the beautiful coastline it offers, particularly Portencross.

Clive Watkins

Over the last year I have walked the Smuggler’s Trail from Troon to Dundonald nearly every week with my dog, sometimes more than once a week.  It has been a great way to clear my head in lockdown and to get some much-needed exercise.  This photo was taken in the woods above the castle last year when the bluebells were in full bloom.

Pete Heywood

During the lockdown I took regular walks in my local area and I enjoyed taking photos from unusual perspectives and times and using different lenses.  This evening shot of Crosshouse is one of my favourites.

Michele Campbell

We are very fortunate to have friends that live on the Isle of Harris.  I absolutely adore Highland Cows and this was taken on the Road to Hushinish.  Can’t wait to get back for another visit!

Bob Wark

Route 7 cycle track passes through Irvine, in this part of Kirkubright route 7 passes Creetown and climbs into the hills where the now disused viaduct cuts imposingly across the scenery and creates a refuge from the rain for cyclists.


Well done everyone - another great feature of our work in the Irvine Herald.  Watch out for it in the Kilmarnock Standard next Wednesday.

Some lovely shots