In The Herald - Twin tasks encourage creativity

Date Published 
Wed 10 Jun 2020

The Club's in the local paper again this week. Many thanks to all of this weeks photographers, Clive Watkins for his report, and The Irvine Herald for putting it all together.....(click on images below to view full screen)

This week Irvine Camera Club set our members two very different photographic challenges, abstract and nature. Abstract basically means that you shoot your subject in a way that it is either somewhat, or totally, unrecognisable. This means concentrating on shapes, colours, and form and less on describing the object itself in the photo. Shooting for abstract is a great exercise to help you train your eye to see “photographically” and get more creative. On the other hand, nature photography is typically about showing the natural world in an honest and descriptive way. Photographing nature requires patience. Knowledge of your chosen subject and its behaviours can certainly help with capturing compelling images.

Once again, the club members rose to the challenges and provided us with plenty of very good images to discuss and appreciate on our weekly Zoom call. There was a really good variety of approaches for each topic. The group had great fun trying to identify the abstract subjects – some of which were much easier than others!

We have continued to foster our relationship with our twin club, Photo Club Vicinois, and we now have a regular attendance from two of their members. I hope that his could perhaps be the beginning of a new and perhaps more creative phase in the history of the twinning of Irvine and Voisins-le-Bretonneux.

As the lockdown restrictions are beginning to be more relaxed and know that many of the club members will be looking forward to venturing further afield for their photography. The possibility of meeting together as a club is still someway off at this time. Access to our club room and studio at Townend Community Centre in Dreghorn is still prohibited. In the meantime, we will continue to meet virtually every Wednesday night. If you would like to get involved or you’re just feeling a bit curious please feel free to drop-in and say hello. You can find out all about the club on various social media platforms all the details are also availbale on our website,