In the Herald - Trudi is Most Improved Photographer

Date Published 
Fri 28 Apr 2023

This year Irvine Camera Club were proud to award the Dreghorn Plate for Most Improved Photographer to Trudi Fitzsimmons.


Trudi has only been with the club for a couple of years but in that time she has already begun to carve out her own distinctive approach to photography.   Trudi’s technical ability has improved but, perhaps more importantly, she has also developed her story telling and her creative eye.  So often in camera clubs we see photos that are sharp and well exposed but that don’t clearly show deeper meaning.  Trudi’s images are often layered with ideas and emotion.  They communicate how she feels about the world.  We encourage our members to speak openly about their photography and Trudi is often able to clearly express the feelings she is trying to convey in her images. 


I hope you enjoy this small selection of Trudi’s work this year.  My personal favourites are “Blue Wall” and “Wild Flowers”.   I am really looking forward to seeing more of her fantastic photography over the next year.


Irvine Camera Club have now started our summer photo walk programme.  Anyone is interest in photography and meeting up with like-minded people is welcome to join us.  You can find all out details on our web site


What lovely words - thank you so much :)