In the Herald - Such a close call

Date Published 
Wed 31 Mar 2021

Irvine Camera Club’s “Ian Davidson Memorial Trophy” was decided in dramatic fashion last night with the cut and thrust of an internal club knockout competition.  Club members put forward 3 of their favourite images to be voted on randomly by the audience of members and friends.

With a varied selection of subjects and styles it often wasn’t an easy job for folk to decide which photo they liked best.  The voting was on a knife edge many times during the evening.  From fascinating natural history shots to studio portraits and fantastic landscapes we were treated to a fine show of our members’ work.

After 4 rounds of intense scrutiny the final 3 images emerged from the pack for the ultimate showdown.  Alan Campbell’s “Catch Me” was eliminated on the first vote, which left Bob Wark’s stylish high contrast mono “2-Up” to do battle with Michele Campbell’s Highland Cow portrait “Chillin’” in the last vote of the evening.

By a narrow margin, Michele pipped Bob to the trophy.  Michele was delighted to win saying “I am so chuffed to have won the Ian Davidson Memorial Trophy at Irvine Camera Club tonight which has a special meaning for me as Ian was a great friend and mentor in the early days of my photography at Townend Camera Club”

We have included a selection of images from the evening here for you to enjoy.  If you feel inspired by the work of our members, or perhaps you feel you could give some of them a run for their money, we would really like to see you at the club.  We are continuing to meet online on Wednesday evenings but as we move into the summer, and Covid restrictions are hopefully relaxed, we hope to start to organise field trips and excursions to share, learn, enthuse and motivate each other in our photography.  If you would like to join in please contact us through our website