In the Herald - Still learning in lockdown

Date Published 
Thu 9 Jul 2020

This week Irvine Camera Club are showcasing some more images that our talented members have been making over the three months that we have been in lockdown. As the president of the club, it has been my absolute pleasure to witness how warmly regarded the club is by its own members. Our weekly meetings have been well attended and they have proven to be a great way for people to keep in regular contact with each other. Of course, they also allow us all to continue to keep learning and inspiring each other to get better in our photography. Our mentorship scheme is also working well, allowing beginners to work with more experienced photographers. The improvement is clear to see in the quality of some of the images that are being produced. We are hoping for great things when the club starts its full season again in September. In the meantime our summer season will continue with our regular Wednesday night Zoom meetings interleaved with trips out to various Ayrshire locations for some practical photography sessions.

Next week we will be presenting some of the photos that the club took on our first socially distanced field trip down to Troon harbour. Expect to see some great seabirds, seals, boats and lots interesting shore and beach detail. In the meantime please visit our website or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where you can see more of the club’s work and also get to know a bit more about us.