In the Herald - Running total at the games

Date Published 
Wed 17 Aug 2022

For the first time since the pandemic, Dundonald held it’s Highland Games last weekend.  A precursor to the big event was the Dundonald 10K run.  Several Irvine Camera Club members turned up on Wednesday evening to get some photos of the athletes.  We asked them to try to get some images where the runners made eye contact with the photographer.  This gives a real personal connection and can add a level of interest over and above just simply snapping the runners as they pass.

We also wanted to get an idea of the effort that had been expended by the athletes, looking for images that showed the exertion and the exhaustion they were feeling as they completed the race.  This wasn’t easy because many the competitors seemed to be taking the event in their stride, literally!

Having covered the throng of runners leaving the village as they headed out towards Symington, we congregated in Alan Kempster’s (our Vice Chair) back garden for a lovely cup of tea and shortbread.

Suitably refreshed we made it back out onto the road just as the leaders came running past.  With lots of encouragement from the villagers they headed down the road towards the finishing line at the castle.

As the last few stragglers went past, we also headed to towards to the castle in search of some atmospheric shots of the old ruin.  Unfortunately, the light was fairly dull and it was difficult to get the ghostly images we were looking for.  Donnie Briggs was keen to get great light on the front of the castle and he knew he would have to be there early in the morning for that.  He returned early the next day which really paid off because the light was indeed gorgeous.  Donnie was also very creative with a shot he did get on the night, digitally placing a ghost beyond the castle gates – so spooky!

All in all it was a very different evening of photography in Dundonald but one that I think the members who came along really enjoyed.

If you would like to come along to a club outing or come and see us at our new venue, Irvine Sports Club, you can find all the details at  Until next week, enjoy the light!