In the Herald - River walk was picture perfect

Date Published 
Wed 11 Aug 2021

Rivers are a fantastic environment for creative photography. From the flora and fauna that can be found living in the rich eco-system they provide to the architecture of the bridges which span them – there is always something interesting to look at.  Rivers also provide a place for much needed recreation.  Somewhere tranquil to go to get away from it all. 

With that in mind a group of keen photographers from Irvine Camera Club decided that for one of our regular photo walks we would explore a small section of the River Irvine from the Low Green up to the Railway bridge.  The more intrepid members of the group took the left bank whilst the sensible ones amongst us decided that the path up the Low Green by the Burns Monument was the better option.  Amazingly we both reached the railway bridge at roughly the same time where we enjoyed watching the fish trapped by the low tide jumping out of the water.  Unfortunately, much like the local anglers, none of us had quick enough reactions to catch them as they leaped from the water.

The main reason we do these walks is to get out into the environment with our cameras and to challenge ourselves to make good photographs of what, on the face of it, can be seen as ordinary, everyday and familiar subjects.  It is very easy these days to sit at home and browse the internet dreaming of the wonderful images we could make if only we could travel to those amazing places.  Sometimes though, great images can be found on your doorstep.  It just requires a little imagination and to actually get up and get out.  You will find that there is always something there to inspire you and there are always new techniques and ideas to practice.

Some of our members were not able to make the walk along the River Irvine that evening, but we encouraged them to try to get photos by any river wherever they found themselves during the week.  I find that having a goal or project in mind when you go out is a far more productive way of taking photographs than simply wandering around hoping to get something interesting.  You’ll also find that, like most things, the more you do it the better you become at it. 

We certainly enjoyed messing about by the river and I hope you enjoy this selection of images from our members.  If you would like to join us on a photography walk or you are interested in what we do as a club, you can find all of our details on our website