In the Herald - Return to photo locations past

Date Published 
Thu 29 Sep 2022

The first week of September saw Irvine Camera Club start the season at our new home, The Irvine Community Sports Club, with an open social evening.  We welcomed nearly 40 people to our fabulous new venue, with our returning club members joined by several new keen photographers as well as some members returning after a few years away.   The evening was a celebration of the work produced by the club last year and during our very well received summer photo walks.  It was also a great chance to show prospective new members our packed programme of events for the coming year.

Following a welcome and introduction by our chairperson, Tracy Ross,  we played a short slide show of our summer exploits, demonstrating just how active our club is throughout the year and the fantastic standard of photography that our members produce.  If you have been following this column you will have no doubt have seen many photographs from all the places we have visited.  For this week’s newspaper, I have picked just a few of my favourites.

With kitchen and bar facilities available we spent a bit of time getting to know each other at the break over a coffee or a pint.  We also pride ourselves on our generous weekly raffle which is always a highlight of any club evening.  Opening night was no exception with plenty of prizes to be won.

Refreshed and ready to go we used this opportunity to run through last season’s competition winners and to present their newly engraved trophies to them.  Well done again to everyone who picked up a trophy!  

Our treasurer, Colin Houston, then gave his recollections on his first year in the club.  Colin shared his thoughts of excitement, but also perhaps a wee bit of anxiety at taking part in competitions.   He reassured the new members that, although it might seem a little daunting at first, with some effort and support from your fellow photographers it can be a really rewarding exercise and improves your photography and image making no end.  

Then it was over to our one and only Bob Wark with his entertaining and humorous talk on recreating iconic photographs.  Some of the images he shared will be difficult to forget – and not in a good way! 

Bringing the evening to end, our Vice Chair, Alan Kempster, thanked everyone for coming along and commented it had been the best opening night of a season he could remember in his long membership of the club.

Since the open night I am pleased to report that our membership has increased significantly and that there is a real sense of enthusiasm in the club for the new season.  If you would like to join in there is still plenty of time.  Please see our website for details of how you can get involved.  Until next time, enjoy the light!



Good stuff. Always good to see lots of interest.