In the Herald - Portencross

Date Published 
Wed 20 Sep 2023

Copy Written By Andrew Winter on behalf of Irvine Camera Club.


This week we are taking a look back to a beautiful late summers evening at Portencross.  With an incredible sunset to round off the evening there was a lot to photograph.  The castle and pier are always the main attraction with other visitors fishing and spending time just watching the scenery.  


Portencross Castle has been photographed from every conceivable angle so trying to come up with something different, a new take on an old idea is always an exciting challenge.  Some of our photographer’s found subjects to work with in the car park, as this area of coastline attracts a wide variety of people and modes of transport, which I for one may have missed, wishing to get to the more obvious areas of interest.


Irvine Camera Club is lucky to have members who are complete beginners through to professionals with a wide range of skills that they are happy to pass on, so if you are interested in photography why not come and join us.


Our full programme of talks, events and competitions that take place throughout the autumn and winter has just started.  We meet on Tuesdays starting at 7.30 at Irvine Community Sports Club, Waterside, Marress Roundabout, Irvine KA12 8DL


Full details can be found on FB and Insta and on our website: