In the Herald - Picture I Wish I Had Taken

Date Published 
Wed 27 Dec 2023

Copy and Text by Andrew Winter


This year, as Christmas approaches, we take a lighter and more humorous approach to photography at Irvine Camera Club with our fun competition entitled ‘The Picture I Wish I’d Taken’. 


Tasked with finding a photo we like and wish we had taken, we are challenged to re-create it using whatever methods we can.  Some members learnt new creative techniques and developed fresh editing skills, some used lego (which is always a popular medium) to re-create their chosen image and some just had fun.  Images were then presented to the club and members were asked to explain their creations which was easier for some than others.


Here’s a taster of some of the images we created, but can you guess the originals that they were based on?


Our full programme of talks, events and competitions that take place throughout the autumn and winter has just started.  We meet on Tuesdays starting at 7.30 at Irvine Community Sports Club, Waterside, Marress Roundabout, Irvine KA12 8DL


Full details can be found on FB and Insta and on our website: