In the Herald - Picture this - A Happy New Year

Date Published 
Wed 13 Jan 2021

The New Year has brought us another new lockdown and, for the next month or so, we should all be doing our best to stay at home and only go out for exercise or when it’s absolutely essential. Fortunately for the members of Irvine Camera Club, photography is great hobby to have when you confined to your local area or perhaps not even able to get out of the house at all. We are encouraging the club to keep active and to be creative. Although it is the middle of winter we have been quite lucky that over the past few weeks, although it has been very cold, the weather has also been largely dry and bright. Daily walks have provided some good opportunities to document our environment in way that wouldn’t be usually be possible in the dark, wet and windy conditions that we would typically expect this time of year.

I would encourage you to take the time to slow down and appreciate the beauty of Ayrshire. From majestic Arran, resplendent in her winter coat, to the intricate details of frost on blade of grass, or even just the cheeky we robins that visit our gardens – there is so much to appreciate. Why not take out your camera, or your phone, and make some photos of what you see? Who knows, you might get bitten by the photography bug!

This week I am sharing some images that I, Tracy Ross (club vice chairperson) and Alan Kempster (club secretary) have taken over the New Year period. I hope you enjoy them.

Irvine Camera Club is continuing to meet online every week during the lockdown period. All our details are available on our website or on our various social media pages. We would love to hear from you and to see the photos you’ve been taking.