In the Herald - Photographers see the light on museum trip

Date Published 
Wed 28 Oct 2020

Irvine Camera Club took full advantage of an offer to visit the Scottish Maritime Museum last week.  A trip to the museum has become a traditional part of our early season programme but there were fears that this year’s event would have to be cancelled.  Thanks to the museum’s very thorough COVID-19 policy they were more than happy to accommodate us, along with some invited guests from Ayr Photographic Society.

The Scottish Maritime Museum holds an important nationally recognised collection, encompassing a variety of historic vessels, artefacts, art, fascinating personal items and the largest collection of shipbuilding tools and machinery in the country.  Visiting in the evening gave club members unfettered access to the exhibits.  Tripods and slow shutter speeds were the order of the day with the natural light levels fading fast and an increasing reliance on the artificial light to create dramatic images.

We had hoped for a clear evening and a colourful sunset to show the exterior building off to its best effect.  Instead we had to make do with a steady drizzle and dull cloudy skies.  Some moody architectural shots were achieved despite the conditions by those members who ventured outside.  The rest of us remained inside the Linthouse with its impressive collection of machinery and vessels.  We were aiming to take photos inspired by the striking industrial machinery.  We also wanted members to explore the exhibits in more detail by getting up close to, perhaps even inside, the giant cogs, gears and turbines in order to achieve almost impossible angles.

Whilst it was a return visit for many of us, for the new members it was the first time they had tried this kind of photography.  Overcoming the challenges of light and unusual subjects, including some strategically placed maritime rat toys, made for an interesting and a very different evening!

While it was good to get out and to meet up, unfortunately we will now have to operate almost entirely online while the current restrictions remain in place.  If you are interested in becoming a part of a small, but growing, community of keen photographers you will find all the details on our website and on the usual social media platforms.