In the Herald - Photo focus turns to riot of colour

Date Published 
Wed 23 Nov 2022

By Tracy Ross

Following on from the results of our monochrome print competition last week, Irvine Camera Club brings you some glorious technicolour images to brighten up your late November days.  Our judge, Guy Philips from Helensburgh, was given a very challenging task with our members submitting 44 high quality colour prints for him to assess.  

Guy approached the colour prints with the same insightful and thoughtful style that he had previously applied to his assessment of our monochrome images.  He provided plenty of helpful advice to each photographer on how their photos could possibly be strengthened and improved.

We have many beginning photographers in our club and we are very aware that a judging evening can often be a stressful time.  Having to listen to a judge discuss one’s work in front of an audience isn’t always easy. This is where an experience and thoughtful judge can make all the difference and I am happy say that Guy’s comments were always supportive and constructive for all the photographers but particularly the beginners.

In choosing the best beginner of the night, Guy picked out Marsha Wilson’s wonderfully evocative impressionistic image of a beach with people and dogs strolling along while the sea was teaming with kite surfers.

Guy commended and highly commended several of our entries and you can see many of them in this selection, together with a some of my favourites.  As always though, we require our judge to select a top 3 and on this occasion the awards were as follows.  Fiona Wallace picked up 3rd place with her exquisitely detailed print of a redpoll.  In 2nd place was Patrick McCloskey with his heartfelt still life “Absent Friend” of a whisky bottle and two glasses, one upturned. In first place Guy selected Clive Watkins’s landscape photograph of Lake Bled in Slovenia which he particularly praised for the subtle use of light and colour.

I hope you enjoy this small selection of the images from the competition.  If you would like to broaden your photography skills and to meet with like-minded people, please feel free to come along to Irvine Community Sports club on any Tuesday evening where you will be made very welcome.  All our details are on our website