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Date Published 
Wed 12 May 2021

Last week, with the relaxing of lockdown restriction, Irvine Camera Club were at long last able to meet up, suitably socially distanced, for a wee evening trip down to Troon Harbour. 

At round about 7pm several of our members met up at the Ballast Bank.  We could already see the potential in the sky for some good sunset images.  The real drama though was in the brooding, rain heavy, clouds that were already beginning to unload over the majestic vista of Arran.  The combination of the saturated warm golden sunset, the torrential backlit dark rain and the glistening calm sea made for some truly gorgeous photography.

It’s fair to say that we were all a little worried at this point that those heavy clouds full of rain were coming our way!

With that in mind we set about getting our other photographs taken.  The club sets a few challenges for the members on the field trips, just to help get folk started.  On this occasion we were looking for shoreline detail, harbourside & boats as well as birds & seals.  Splitting up into small groups we wandered off to see what we could find.

Unfortunately, most of the fishing boats had already returned to port by the time we arrived and there wasn’t much activity in the harbour.  Sometimes that can be the challenge with photography, you need to try and make something out of very little.  Perhaps by honing in on the details that most people wouldn’t notice, or by finding interest in abstract patterns in the water created by the rippling reflections of the boats.

All in all, everyone enjoyed the evening and I think we were all just grateful to be out in the fresh air for a change instead of being cooped up home on Zoom.  Fortunately, those rain clouds didn’t make it over the water to Troon and, as the light faded, we headed home happy, a wee bit cold, but at least still dry!  I hope you enjoy this selection of some of the photos taken by our members.

If you would like to join us on an outing you can find out all about what we have got planned on our website  Anyone with an interest in photography, from complete beginners through to experienced practitioners, will get an enthusiastic and warm welcome.