In the Herald - No pain, no gain for our creative snappers

Date Published 
Wed 2 Feb 2022

Irvine Camera Club not only meet up in person most weeks at the Fullarton Community Hub, we also run workshops and studio nights at the Townend Community Centre in Dreghorn on selected Monday evenings. On top of all that we also have an active social media presence. This primarily through our Facebook group for members, friends and prospective members.

You might remember that we are running regular weekly challenges in the group. Each week we ask everyone to take and post images associated with a specific letter of the alphabet. We have now made it all the way to Q! I thought this would be a good time to let you see some of the fantastic and creative photographs that the community have been busy making for the weekly alphabet challenge. Running through from H to Q we have everything from Happiness to Pain!

It’s all a bit fun, but it does provide the impetus that some of us need to get our cameras out and make interesting images. I hope you enjoy this small selection from the imagination and skill of our members & friends. If you fancy a go you can find us on Facebook by searching for Irvine Camera Club. As usual, our well run and informative website, is where you will find out everything else about the club along with members’ galleries showcasing even more of our photography.

Until next time, stay safe and enjoy the light!