In the Herald - More Colour Prints

Date Published 
Wed 6 Dec 2023

Copy and Text by Andrew Winter


This week we present more of our colour images from our first colour print competition of the season.   The images this week all demonstrate the importance of colour in images.  Of course, some images look better in black and white and that is a particular style which goes back to the dawn of photography.  But colour, when controlled well and used subtly, can add another dynamic to images.  It’s another level of emotion that can connect with your viewer and sometimes the colour is integral to telling the story of an image.  If you are interested in colour, look up ‘colour theory’ and study the colour wheel to get an understanding of complimentary and contrasting colours, then try to use them in your compositions.


Our full programme of talks, events and competitions that take place throughout the autumn and winter has just started.  We meet on Tuesdays starting at 7.30 at Irvine Community Sports Club, Waterside, Marress Roundabout, Irvine KA12 8DL


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