In the Herald - Moody seascape was our winner

Date Published 
Thu 18 Mar 2021

This week Irvine Camera Club hosted another virtual inter-club knock out competition with our near neighbours and friends, Kilmarnock Photographic Club.  As with our previous knock outs, both clubs supplied 16 images each.  After a wee bit of general chit chat the excellent turnout of members from both clubs proceeded to vote on pairs of images using Zoom’s online polling.  Bob Wark from Irvine and Craig Dunlop from Kilmarnock took it turns to give a short constructive critique of each image that was voted out.  After an hour of voting we had whittled the photographs down from 32 to 16.

After a short break which gave everyone a chance to grab some refreshment and have some more catch-up chat, we resumed the voting with round 2 of the knockout.

Both clubs were made to work really hard as choosing between images became progressively more difficult as the evening progressed.  For the first time in a very long time, Irvine managed to get 2 images into the final round, with Davie Spellman’s beautiful floral study “Pollen Fallen” pitted against Alan Kempster’s moody Lindisfarne landscape, “Boat Shed”.   The vote was quite close but the majority went for Alan’s photograph.

You can see the Irvine images here, and I think you’ll agree we presented a really good variation of subject and styles.  It was also good to see some returning and new members putting work.

However, these nights are not just about the winning and losing, they are mostly about having a good get together in difficult times and to appreciate and discuss good photography.  Commiserations to Kilmarnock; it wasn’t to be for them this time.   We hope that the return visit next season will be in person at St. Joseph’s – we are looking forward to defending this win… and the home baking!

You can find out all about Irvine Camera Club at our website or on the various social media platforms.  If you are keen to kick-start your photography why don’t you search us up and come along to one of our Zoom meetings?  We would love to see you.