In the Herald - Modern Scotland

Date Published 
Wed 23 Sep 2020

Over the space of the last couple weeks members of Irvine Camera Club have been making their way up to Glasgow in small groups in order to complete their next assignment.  We asked them to capture images illustrating Striking Architecture, Glasgow street life and Modern Scotland.  Three themes that were chosen deliberately to leave a lot to the imagination.  As usual our intrepid band of merry photographers did not disappoint.  Between us we covered a wide area of the city from the Pacific Quay area, the city centre and into the east end.  Some images are timeless and show the city as if nothing has happened over the last 6 months, whereas others show the new normal with all the visual iconography associated with Covid-19 being increasingly hard to escape.

This task took our members out of their comfort zones, putting them in perhaps unfamiliar environments and asking them to get up close and personal with their subjects.  All in all, everyone did a fantastic job and I think we also all learned a lot by doing it.  We had a great evening of sharing and discussing our work and I think it’s fair to say that several members now have the street photography bug.  That is fortunate because this year the club has temporarily dropped its usual “Sports” photography competition category and has substituted a theme for the best  "Street" photograph.  It will be very interesting to see what is submitted for the new competition and I am anticipating it will throw up some very good and highly relevant images for our guest judge.

In the meantime, restrictions permitting, we are continuing to meet on Wednesday evenings at Dreghorn Bowling Club.  All details can be found on our webs site or the various popular social media platforms.