In the Herald - Mark shone some light on our digital photographs

Date Published 
Wed 19 Jan 2022

Irvine Camera Club completed their Digital Projected Image competition this week, with esteemed landscape photographer, Mark McColl from Ayr Photographic Society joining us to judge our images.  Due to the continuing pandemic this meeting was held on Zoom.

This was an important competition as it would determine who would win the Annick Quaich.  Going into this round everything was to play for with only 6 points separating the top 6 in the table.

With all of his immense experience of taking landscapes in Scotland, Iceland, Norway and beyond, it was always going to be difficult for anyone who decided to submit entries in that genre.  And so it proved, with Mark able to offer plenty of advice about how light on the land, and not so much the sky, is so important to creating the best outdoor images.  Its not just opportunity that’s needed, but also patience and determination.  Some of us, me included, have some work to do!

One of our newer members, Colin Duffy, was awarded Best Beginner on the night, receiving a commendation for each of his images, “Autumn in the Park”, “Fairlie Good View” and “Light the Way”.   I hope you also enjoy Colin’s photos, along with the others that were commended and highly commended which we are showing this week.

As the judging proceeded though, it was clear that things were definitely tightening at the top of the table.  Last year’s winner of the Annick Quaich, Michele Campbell surged up the table by securing 3rd and 2nd place.  In 3rd place her “Little Scientist” clearly delighted and entertained Mark with its clever use of props and staging, while her 2nd place “Little Land Girl” was admired by Mark for its simpler composition and thoughtful approach.

On this occasion however, it was my image “Territorial Advantage” of 2 wrens quarrelling on a garden fence that Mark chose in 1st place.  Mark enjoyed the cool blue background which he said set off the warmer colours of the birds as well as the sharpness of them in action.  The win gave me just enough points to take the Annick Quaich this year, narrowly beating Michele in 2nd and Tracy Ross, Fiona Wallace and Alan Campbell in joint 3rd place.

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