In the Herald - Making a big impression

Date Published 
Wed 7 Sep 2022

I am very pleased to report that Irvine Camera Club has once again been enjoying some fantastic success on the national photographic scene.  Earlier in the year the club entered the Scottish Photographic Federation Print Championship.  Camera clubs and photographic societies from all over Scotland send in printed photographs by their members to be assessed by a panel of three highly experienced judges invited from other parts of the UK.

Our external competition secretary at the time, Alan Campbell, did an excellent job of selecting prints from the club’s archive for us to collate and send to the SPF for consideration.

Just a couple of weeks ago the results were announced and our little club from North Ayrshire did remarkably well coming 4th in the Colour Print section with Fiona Wallace taking the Gold Medal for the best Colour Print “The Burrower”.  This is a truly tremendous achievement.  Congratulations Fiona!  I also was very happy to be Commended for “Hare” and Highly Commended for “Paddling Out”

The club didn’t do quite as well in the monochrome section, but we still managed a very creditable 10th place out of 23 clubs that entered. 

It is important to recognise that the overall success of our club is determined by the breadth and depth we have in our membership.  It is great to celebrate the work that gets medals and commendations, but the final placings are down to all the other fantastic photographs that our talented members produced, many of which scored highly and only just missed out on awards.   Our club is on a great footing to keep improving and results like these will be an inspiration to our members, old and new, for future competitions 

We have now started our new season at the Irvine Community Sport Club at the Marress on Tuesday evenings.  We welcome all photographers whatever your experience.  You can find all our details on the website