In the Herald - Lynn Glen

Date Published 
Wed 24 May 2023

Irvine Camera Club is a very active club and we have at least one, sometimes two, ocassionally even three photo walks a week going on.  These are a great excuse to get outside, especially on the evening walks after a day at work and explore the countryside or a location that can be busy during the day.

Last week we visited Lynn Glen in Dalry for an evening shoot around the waterfalls and we had the place to ourselves.  We spread out along the river with some of the more intrepid photographers venturing down the scramble to get to the river below the main waterfall.  A wide variety of images were taken in a number of different styles showing the diversity of the photographers in the group.  I will add that when the light faded we were treated to a flying display by a number of bats in the car park which was a real treat, but too fast for the cameras in fading light.

I hope that you enjoy the sample of images presented here and if interested would encourage you join one of our photo walks and to explore off the beaten track a little, wherever you go, just to see what you might find.

We have photo walks arranged every week throughout the summer and you are very welcome to come and and join us.  Camera club members will be on hand to help less experienced photographers with everything from camera settings to composition.  Full details can be found on our website