In the Herald - Looking back over our lives through a lens

Date Published 
Wed 5 Jan 2022

Happy New Year to all the readers from everyone at Irvine Camera Club.  We are going to start 2022 with a little look back over some of the superb images our fantastic members produced last year with a bit of a “deep cut” into our archives.  Photography isn’t just about winning competitions and garnering the praise of judges.  It is also a way of expressing ourselves and rooting us in our surroundings.  This is especially important when times are tough.  I know taking photographs has helped me immensely over the last 2 years and it is clear that many of our members feel the same way.


I hope you enjoy this small selection of photos.  If you feel inspired by what you see or perhaps would just like to be in the company of other people who find pleasure in making images of what they see around them, you can find all our details on our website