In the Herald - Levern Visit

Date Published 
Wed 22 Feb 2023

Irvine Camera Club welcomed Levern Camera Club (near Barrhead) to our club room on Tuesday night for another one of our famous Knock Out competitions.  Both clubs provided 16 photographs which were displayed in pairs and voted on by the audience.  With over 40 people in the room there was a lot of work for David Bell in counting the votes for each photo!

After whittling down the photographs from 32 to 16 it was time for a break.  With another superb buffet laid on by our chair, Tracy Ross, everyone was well fed and watered before returning to the business of the night… finding a winning photograph.  

Images from both clubs did well with some very close voting meaning nothing was a foregone conclusion. After 4 elimination rounds the two images left standing were Irvine’s Andrew Winter with his astonishing macro shot of a bumble bee “Are you looking at me?” and Levern’s McClardy with his stunning impressionistic seascape “Isle of Arran Sunset”

When the hands were counted, Ivie’s beautiful image was judged by the majority to be the favourite photograph of the night.  Our Treasurer, Colin Houston, wrapped up the evening by thanking everyone for coming along and especially to all those from Irvine who made the evening such a success.  Tracy was given a warm round of applause for once again not only running the presentation of the images but also for the supplying the splendid buffet spread.

Irvine Camera Club meet every Tuesday evening at the Irvine Community Sports Centre.  You can find all our details at