In the Herald - Landscape full of Scots history

Date Published 
Wed 27 Jul 2022

In the latest of Irvine Camera Club’s summer photo walks, some of our members took a trip down to Alloway to explore the area around Brig O’ Doon.  This location is steeped in the history of Rabbie Burns and probably his most famous poem, Tam O’s Shanter.

We had been hoping for dramatic light at the Auld Kirk but instead of the shafts of golden evening sunlight raking through the ancient graveyard we were met with rather flat uninspiring overcast skies.  Still, ever up for the challenge, our keen photographers made the most of what they had by picking out details in the old tombstones and even using some added lighting effects to build an atmosphere.

Following our eerie wander around the old church yard we headed down past the Burn’s monument to the Brig O’Doon itself.  A central location in the poem, this is where the coven of witches, led by Cutty Sark, chase Tam as he rides his mare, Meg over the keystone of the bridge.  The witch famously yanking Meg’s tail off in her attempts to catch Tam.  All of this vivid imagery provided plenty of inspiration for photos.

Next, we had a walk down through the underpass across the road from the Burns Centre.  This old railway line is now a pedestrian pathway and, although daubed with some questionable graffiti, it was an interesting subject with lines, curves, and great perspective. 

As the sun began to set the sky did begin to show a little bit of promise.  So we made our way by car down to the shore at Greenan to catch some of the drama in the clouds.  Far from the desired fire in the sky we had been hoping for, but at the same time a rather pleasant way to end our trip to Alloway.

Our weekly summer photo-walks continue through August as we head towards our new 2022/2023 Winter season.  If you would like to join us in any of our activities, please see our website for our programme of events.  You are most welcome to come along.


Until next week, enjoy the light!