In the Herald - I've developed my style

Date Published 
Wed 3 Feb 2021

Fine Art Portraiture by Michele Campbell

Having first joined Irvine Camera Club some 10 years ago and after some spells at other clubs I decided it was time to return to Irvine at the start of this season.  It was at Irvine that I first developed a love for Studio Photography & I was able to make great use of the studio there.  It was pretty much trial and error at first but with prolific use I was quickly getting to grips with the settings.  It’s fair to say though that I was a bit stubborn and I didn’t want to change from a tried and tested method despite many attempts by some members, our President included, to get me to experiment a bit more.

So many hours were spent with numerous models, friends and children that I was able to practice my craft.  It was only after a night class course in studio portraiture at Ayr College that my studio work changed in style as I learned how to master different lighting techniques.  However, it still wasn’t enough. Having Also been a member of other clubs in the ensuing years, and seeing some different portraiture styles by other photographers, I was still wanting to take my photography to the next level to remain competitive.  I, like many others, am always looking for new and innovative ways of taking photos.  The internet is a great way of looking at what others can do and what styles can be created.

I first became interested in Fine Art Portraiture when I attended a group work shop in Manchester with a great photographer called Gary Hill.  It was all about learning different lighting techniques & posing for Fine Art Portraits and we were blessed to have 2 fantastic young models. To say I was hooked in this style is an understatement!

I was so impressed and keen to learn more about this beautiful style of photography that I quickly followed up with a 1 to 1 session with Gary Hill again a few months later at his Studio in Preston.  At this 1 to 1 session I worked with a model for the first part of the day and then with a young dog in the afternoon finishing off with post processing techniques and was so simply explained by Gary that even I took it all in.

I quickly developed my own style on Fine Art Portraiture working with adults, children and pets.  The pictures that I create are often timeless and have a painterly feel and many of the props I use have been gathered by scouring charity shops and online.

There is often a lot of research that goes into my themed shoots, with lots of planning and contact with the model beforehand to allow them to understand the full vision.

There is a great joy in creating these timeless images and seeing the final result.  The comments from family and friends fill me with pride and, that as a team, we have created something special.  It’s all about teamwork.

Irvine Camera Club is a great place to develop and learn the craft and art of photography.  You can find out all about the club at our website or on the various social media platforms.