In the Herald- Its great to get so much exposure

Date Published 
Wed 15 Sep 2021

This week Irvine Camera Club held our season Open evening at Townend Community Centre in Dreghorn.  With North Ayrshire Council COVID restrictions in place we were limited to accommodating a maximum of 22 people.  With most of our existing members, as well as a good number of new faces, coming along it was always going to be tight but fortunately we managed to fit everyone into the room safely & comfortably.

The evening was a great opportunity to showcase our club; to remind our members just how much we manage to pack into the year as well as letting potential new members see what we do.  Our Chairperson, Tracy Ross, welcomed everyone to the club before handing over to me to do a review of our activities.

After introducing the committee members, I gave a few presentations showing photographs taken during the previous season and from our summer photo walks.  It was especially good to highlight the wonderful exposure our club gets in the Irvine Herald and Kilmarnock Standard.  There are not many clubs that are able to offer their members the opportunity to have their images in the local press on a regular basis.  We are very proud and grateful that we have fostered such a good mutually beneficial relationship.

A large part of our open evenings is the chance they afford for members to catch up with each other but also for them to welcome newcomers to the club.  A well planned socially distanced tea & coffee service together with our usual generous raffle helped to keep everyone fed, watered and entertained. 

Following the break, we used the opportunity to present last seasons prizes.  We had tried to do this earlier in the summer but, because of many folk being away on their holidays, it hadn’t been particularly well attended.  This time, with a full room, a refreshed audience, and all the prize winners present, we were in a much better place to do the awards properly. 

So, this week we are celebrating the success of our prize-winning members.  I really feel that their hard work, dedication and passion for photography deserves to be recognised.

Best Beginner – Tracy Ross

Most Improved – David Spelman

Best Nature Photograph – Clive Watkins

Best Street Photograph – Bob Wark

Best Digital Image Photographer – Michele Campbell

Best Colour Print Photographer – Michele Campbell

Best Monochrome Print Photographer – Michele Campbell

Best Overall Photographer – Tracy Ross

Michele was also awarded with the prestigious PAGB Howard Tate silver medal for “Knit One Purl One”

Following the awards, our vice chair, Bob Wark, gave a short talk on the development of his award-winning street photograph “Maybe Not”.  Tracy then gave a short but inspirational account of her first year in the club and how it had given her focus during lockdown.

We wrapped up the evening with an engaging and informative Q&A session before bringing the session to end.

If you were unable to attend the Open Evening but would still like to come and see what we do you are always welcome to come along to see us on any Wednesday evening.  Full details are on our web site