In the Herald - It takes special skills to print quality pictures

Date Published 
Wed 25 Aug 2021

This week the results of the Scottish Photographic Federation Print Championship were announced.  Earlier in the year, camera clubs from all over Scotland were invited by the SPF to submit a selection of their members’ best photography in print form.

Across the world millions of photos are taken every day but only a small fraction of those are ever printed.  It takes time, effort and money to produce a quality print of a photograph, especially if you take full control of the process and produce it on a home printer using good quality paper and ink.  In the age of the internet, with most people now consuming the vast majority of imagery on screens, photographic printing is a dying art.

At Irvine Camera Club we see the value in continuing to promote and encourage our members to learn and practice the skills needed to make good quality paper-based versions of their photographs.  We are therefore delighted to report that, out of the 24 clubs who entered this year’s SPF Print Championship, we came in 8th place ahead of many other long established and prestigious clubs such as Paisley Colour Photographic Club and Queens Park Camera Club.

The rules of the competition limit the number of prints allowed to be entered by each individual member, so our External Competition Secretary, Alan Campbell, had to select photographs from members across the club that he considered would do well.  The results definitely show that Alan chose wisely, with the high scores achieved propelling the club into the higher echelons of the competition.

If you have been following our images over the last year some of these photos will be familiar but I think it is really important for our club to celebrate our success and I am happy to feature these splendid photographs once again. 

If you would like to learn more about photography and perhaps even explore the art of making fine photographic prints, you will receive a very warm welcome at Irvine Camera Club.  You can find out all about our club and what our members do at