In the Herald - Irvine Part 1

Date Published 
Wed 2 Aug 2023

If you have been following our travels over the summer months. You will know that we have been visiting places of photographic interest all over Ayrshire and beyond.  This time we stayed closer to home, in fact our home town of Irvine was the focus to see what we could find.   

Irvine has a wealth of subjects to photograph from the architecture, people, urban landscapes and the changing skyline.  As photographers tasked with documenting subjects that they find interesting, some members are not shy about photographing the darker side of life as well.

Focusing on the town rather than the beach front, there is a lot to take notice of with regard to the modern architecture and how it relates to the old streets and churches.  There are places full of colour and places with more muted tones.  Modern life clashes with the past and as the tower blocks are slowly taken down, a new skyline is revealed.  There is a lot to see if you go looking.

If you would like to join us on one of our friendly walks, you don’t need a flashy camera, all you need is the camera on your phone or an interest in photography.  We have members who are complete beginners through to professionals with a wide range of skills that they are happy to pass on so if you are interested in photography why not come and get involved.

Irvine Camera Club is very active on a weekly basis and have upcoming photo walks to Glasgow, The Isle Of Bute and Culzean.  There is also a full programme of talks, events and competitions throughout the autumn and winter.  Full details can be found on FB and Insta and on our website: