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Fri 2 Oct 2020

With the weather forecast set fair last week, I decided to make the trip over to Berwick for a couple of days cycling, walking and, of course, photography.

Given I was planning to be on the move a lot, I didn’t want to be weighed down with a load of camera gear.  With that in mind I decided to only take my phone and compact camera system. My lightweight tripod was also packed as I knew it would come in useful for some night time photography. Starting off Sunday morning from Dundonald, I headed for Berwick, taking strategic diversions off the A1 to visit a couple of spots of interest on the way.

Being extremely windy, cycling was off the agenda, at least for the first day.  Instead, I enjoyed a really great walk around Berwick’s town walls and down to the riverside to finish off the day.

By the following day the wind had dropped and it was fine weather for cycling.  I headed south on my bike along the magnificent Northumbrian Coastal Path, stopping off as I went to take photographs of the brilliant view.

Later that day, I drove south to Holy Island and the splendid 16th century Lindisfarne castle. When I got there the causeway was impassable.  So, I parked up, and waited for the waters to recede. I crossed causeway just as the tide dropped sufficiently.   I was the first across on the bike!

I spent a peaceful few hours on the island taking many photographs of the iconic upturned fishing boats and the castle before making the short journey back across the causeway and getting back to the mainland as the sun went down.

My third day was spent cycling up the river Tweed and all around the old Berwick town walls.   There were so many sights to investigate and enjoy. All in all, it was great to get away and to spend a few days with superb weather exploring and photographing the scenery, architecture and people of Northumberland. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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Alan Kempster, Secretary, Irvine Camera Club


Berwick is a beautiful town, a good capture of the rainbow.

Submitted by paul-kelly on Fri 2 Oct 2020 4:56pm