In the Herald - A great way to develop 'new skills'

Date Published 
Wed 3 Jun 2020

The Club's in the local paper again this week. Many thanks to all of this weeks photographers, Clive Watkins for his report, and The Irvine Herald for putting it all together.....(click on images below to view full screen)

This week Irvine Camera Club undertook another file swap challenge.  This is where we exchange photographs that we have taken previously and ask someone else in the club to “develop” a final image.  This can be as simple as adjusting the brightness or as extreme as adding, deleting or moving elements of the composition.  It’s a really good way of seeing how someone else interprets an image and it can often lead to some surprising results.

We were thrilled to have our good friend Anne-Charlotte from Irvine’s twin club in France, Photo Club Vicinois, taking part in this week’s challenge.  Anne-Charlotte provided a strong architecture photo of La Defense in Paris, which allowed me to indulge my penchant for dramatic monochrome abstraction.  I think she was happy with the result!  Our virtual French visitor returned the favour by editing a street photograph I took in Glasgow last year of a cellist on a bicycle speeding through the Merchant City with her instrument on her back.

I hope you enjoy looking at our representations of each other’s work and that perhaps you might be inspired to try something a little different with your photographs, whether they are taken on “proper” cameras or snapped on you phone.  Creativity doesn’t stop when the button is pressed – there is so much more you can do to bring your vision and style to life.

Irvine Camera Club continue to meet online every Wednesday evening and anyone who is interested in photography and image making is more than welcome to join us.  Details can be found on our website and most popular social media platforms.


Another great article, well done guys.