In the Herald - Great views of the castle

Date Published 
Wed 3 Aug 2022

Last week Irvine Camera Club decided to take a trip to a location that we haven’t visited before, Kelburn Castle & Estate.  Access is available to the estate after the visitor centre closes.  A large group of us assembled in the car park and we set off to explore.   Walking through the entrance the place did have the feeling of a ghost town with the various attractions empty with only some discarded litter hinting at the presence of the day’s visitors. 

We headed up the hillside, taking in great views of the colourful castle as we hiked up the woodland path.   One of our tasks was to search out the various statues and art installations as we went, trying our best to add our own interpretations with our photography.

Although there hadn’t been much rain in the week before our visit, the waterfall still put on a good show.  Several folk made their way down to the burn to set up their tripods to capture the water as it cascaded over the sheer drop.

While the waterfall kept many busy, others explored the buildings around the estate, showing them in the context of their environment and the artefacts which surrounded them.  Having not known quite what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised by the variety of subjects that we had to train our lenses on.

I’m sure this is a location that the club will return to in future years as I feel that there is a lot more for us to discover.

If you would like to get involved with Ayrshire’s most active wee camera club we would love to hear from you.  We cater for all levels of ability and experience.  Our programme of summer photo walks continues in August as we head towards the start of our new Winter Season with our Open Night scheduled for Tuesday 6th September at our new home, the Irvine Community Sports Club.   In the meantime you can find out all about the club at our website