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Date Published 
Wed 27 Oct 2021

In a sign that things are slowly getting back to something like normality, this week Irvine Camera Club hosted Dalry Camera Club at the splendid Fullarton Connexions venue in Irvine.  The large church hall provided a spacious, comfortable and safe environment in which to accommodate the large turnout from both clubs.

The evening was based around our tried and tested “knock out” format whereby both clubs provide 16 images from their members.  These are voted on in pairs by the audience until, after 4 rounds of voting, we are left with the final 2 photographs from which the winner is decided.

The technology is invariably an issue with this kind of “live” event but after a few early hiccups with the setup the evening got into full swing.  Bob Wark and Kenny Gordon provided excellent constructive commentary on alternate images as, one-by-one, the images were knocked out by the assembled audience.  The Irvine Secretary, Alan Kempster, was employed at the back of the hall to count the raised hands for each photograph – not an easy task in the darkened room but one that he carried out admirably.

Going through the entire set of 32 images took us nicely to tea break time and a chance for everyone to get some refreshment and have a good blether before returning to the business of voting.  As is always the case, the choices became harder and harder as we progressed through the rounds.  The voting on some pairs was extremely close requiring Alan to do a re-count of hands on more than one occasion.

I have to say, that as you can see from the images here, that the overall quality of photography was outstanding from both clubs.  But, there has to be a winner.  After 4 rounds of intense scrutiny we eventually ended up with a photograph from both clubs in the final two.  My seascape from Angelsey “Penmon Point” and “Old Bridge at Lagangarbh Cottage” by David Bell from Dalry.

With a convincing show of hands, the last vote and the spoils went to Dalry with David’s superb photograph being crowned the overall winner.  Everyone agreed that it had been a very entertaining and fun evening, with Dalry promising to invite Irvine back to their club for a return match next year.

I hope you enjoy looking over work from both clubs.  If you like the idea of getting involved in events like this, as well as many other photographic opportunities, then please take a look at our website