In the Herald - End of Season KO Part 1

Date Published 
Tue 28 Mar 2023

This week Irvine Camera Club staged the first round of our End of Season Knock Out competition.  Everyone in the club was asked to provide two new photographs for this special event, the winner of which will be awarded the Ian Davidson Memorial trophy in memory of our long-term President who sadly passed a few years ago.

This was the first competition staged using our new 10 foot projector screen which was kindly donated to us by Girvan Camera Club following their sad decision to close their club.  The difference the screen makes to the viewing of our photographs is amazing.  We can’t thank Lyn Cuthbertson and the members of Girvan enough for their generosity. 

With so many images being submitted we must split the voting over a couple of evenings.  As usual with our knock out comps the images are voted on by the members of the club.  They are displayed in pairs and a show of hands determines which photo goes through to the next round.   Each eliminated photograph was given a short positive critique by either Andrew Flannigan and myself.

As is always the case there we some tough decisions for our members to make as the standard of photography is very high.  This week I am showing you some of the images which didn’t make it past round 1.  The voting will conclude next week, and a winner will be crowned.  I am looking forward to bringing you another selection of photos next week, including the trophy winning image.

Irvine Camera Club continue to meet at the Irvine Community Sports Centre on Tuesday evenings until Easter when we will commence our summer season of photo walks and trips.  You can find all our details on our website