In the Herald - Dumfries House

Date Published 
Wed 5 Jul 2023

Recently Irvine Camera Club took an evening stroll around Dumfries House.  As a photographer there’s a lot to keep you busy within the grounds of the house and every time I visit, I find something new to capture.  From the house itself with the impressive trees on the lawn to the woodlands and the walled garden, there’s an opportunity for wildlife, flowers, fauna and macro photography.  The arboretum offers unique buildings and paths with the Chinese Bridge probably one of the most photographed bridges in the area.


As with most of our walks the members all have different interests and often turn up with a wish list of things to photograph or techniques to try, so it is not unusual to see us all together in the car park before dispersing and vanishing off around the site.


As an amateur photographer, photo walks like this are an amazing opportunity to try out new techniques, learn new skills and photograph everything from wide angle dramatic landscapes to macro inspired plant and insect life.  If you would like to join us on one of our friendly walks, you don’t need a flashy camera, all you need is the camera on your phone.  We have members who are complete beginners through to professionals with a wide range of skills that they are happy to pass on, so if you are interested in photography why not come and get involved.


Irvine Camera Club is very active on a weekly basis and have upcoming photo walks to Irvine, Greenock and to the Isle Of Bute.  There is also a full programme of talks, events and competitions throughout the autumn and winter.  Full details can be found on Facebook, Instagram and on our website: