In the Herald - Crinan is a little gem for scenery as well as a break

Date Published 
Wed 20 Apr 2022

Irvine Camera Club is taking a short Easter break before we begin our Summer Photo Walk programme.  I thought I would take this opportunity to have a closer look at some of the photos I took on short holiday on the Crinan Canal last summer.

Crinan is an area of Scotland that I was previously unfamiliar with, so when my wife suggested we spend a week at Cairnbaan Cottages right on the canal footpath, I immediately started to do my photographic homework!

At the western end of the canal is the picturesque village of Crinan itself which was a hive of activity with boats queued up to enter and exit the canal from west coast via the sea lock.  The canal runs for nine miles via a series of 15 locks to the town of Ardrishhaig on Loch Gilp.  Our cottage with situated pretty much in the middle at Cairnbann.

To the north of the canal lies Kilmartin Glen.  This area is rich with ancient monuments and standing stones, many of which are prehistoric.  Nether Largie and Ballymeanoch are well worth a visit.   At Dunadd, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Dalriada, there are the remains of the hill fort which offer amazing views across the valley.  Kilmartin village has a lovely church with a graveyard containing richly decorated gravestones from the 13th century.

Kilmartin Glen is also teaming with natural history.  Orchids, insects and bird life abound.  Cattle graze on the tidal estuary of the River Add at Bellanoch.

From Crinan harbour we took a boat trip to see the Correyvreckan whirlpool.  As well as seals, porpoises, guillemots and other seabirds, the highlight for me was spotting White Tailed Eagles soaring off the cliffs of the south coast of Mull.  Back on dry land it was only a shot drive around the coast and along the north side of Loch Craignish to get some lovely views out to Scarba and Jura.

Spending a week relaxing in this gorgeous part of Scotland was just what was needed.  Being able to get out and walk, talk photographs and forget the pandemic for just a few days certainly helped to lift our spirits.

If you are interested in coming along on any of our photography photo walks you can find out all the details at our website  We would love to see you!

Until next week, take care and enjoy the light!