In the Herald - Cream of a great crop

Date Published 
Wed 21 Apr 2021

This week I am sharing with you the best images from Irvine Camera Club’s final Colour Print Competition of the season.  As usual our members did not disappoint with a fantastic diversity of subjects and styles for our esteemed judge, Libby Smith from Carluke, to assess and critique. 

We always ask our judges to pick a top 3 but also to select a good number of images that were contenders for the top places but didn’t quite make it. 

In a print competition it is not just the image itself that is being judged but also how well it has been printed.  Putting our photographs on paper turns them into something tangible rather than the fleeting & ephemeral collection of pixels on a phone screen which is swiped past in an instant.  Producing a high-quality large print places emphasis and importance on the photograph that a screen image can never hope to replicate.

Prints that were singled out for a commendation by Libby were “Rodeo” by myself, Ian Johnstone’s action packed “Hold on Tight”,  Pete Heywood’s abstract and slightly disturbing “Feeding Frenzy”, Michele Campbell’s elegant studio portrait “Sunflower Girl” and Alan Campbell’s high energy “Workout”.

The prints that very nearly made it into the top 3 were Highly Commended by Libby.  They included my photo of guillemots nesting in the Farne Islands “I Want to Break Free”, Tracy Ross’s beautiful and moody seascape taken at Portencross “Silent Seas” as well as her early morning “Dawn at Lochan Na-h Achlaise”.  Also receiving a High Commendation we had Pete Heywood’s city life “Walking in Bruge” and Alan Campbell with two stunning nature shots “Tufty” and “Great Tit in shower of rain”.

After long and careful deliberation Libby concluded that third place would go to Michele’s superbly printed and characterful dog portrait “Did some say treats?”

In second place was my print of a garden snail atop a trio of toadstools “Fast Food”, although I Libby professed that she didn’t see the attracting in eating either of the subjects portrayed!

But the print of the evening award went to our acclaimed fine art photographer, Michele Campbell, with her excellent top quality portrait “Whiz Kid” with its clear nod to Harry Potter, Libby praised it for its use of light, the posing and the sumptuous quality of the print itself. 

Irvine Camera Club is now moving into its summer season and as the lockdown restrictions begin to be lifted we are hoping to venture out on appropriately sized and socially distanced photo trips.  Please keep an eye on our website for all the latest information and, if you would like to come along to say hello, please contact us – we would be so happy to see you!