In the Herald - Colin & James Panels

Date Published 
Wed 15 Mar 2023


I recently brought you the top 2 photographic panels from a new competition format we introduced this year. Our panel challenge was designed to encourage our members to express an idea, concept or theme using more than one image.  This week we have another two collections from the evening which UWS lecturer, Chris Gilgallon singled for special commendation.  


In 3rd place was Colin Houston with his beautiful, detailed shots of the surf and the items that we can be found there, that are often overlooked and taken for granted. 


Colin said "I love the sea. It's easy to only see the wide vista seascapes-the crashing waves-the big picture.   For this project I wanted to capture the smaller details, whilst still capturing the movement of the water and so 'Details in the Surf' was born."


As well as the top three, Chris was also asked to select a Best Beginner panel.  That honour went to James Bailey.   James's panel takes us into a behind the scenes look of Inverurie Wastewater Treatment Works, effectively showing us the dereliction and decay of a once occupied control room whilst retaining a beautiful tonal range throughout each image. 


James's statement reads as follows, “There’s No Fixing This Lot

I am always inspired to take pics while travelling all over Scotland for my work.  Sometimes it’s the work itself which catches my attention.

This selection of photos was prior to the demolition works at the old Inverurie wastewater treatment works where I had the opportunity to explore the old buildings.  The old pumphouse control room captured my imagination and just had to get some photos the whole lot has the jib of a 360 excavator going through it.”


Irvine Camera Club is moving towards the end of its winter season now, but our summer programme is already filling up with photowalks and day trips.  If you would like to join in, you can find out all of our details at


Well deserved x