In the Herald - A clash of colour

Date Published 
Thu 9 Feb 2023

Last Tuesday evening, Irvine Camera Club concluded its photographic print competitions for this season.  We welcomed Ruth Hayton from Ayr Photographic Society to assess both the monochrome and colour print work of our members. 

In this edition we are focussing on the colour prints.  There is no doubt that we made Ruth’s life difficult with a very good selection of photos of various subjects for her to judge.  Ruth is an excellent photographer in her own club, but she also takes part in national and international photographic salons and competitions.  She brought to bear her experience in her assessment of our prints, offering technical advice where needed to help us improve.

The judge’s comments are always the most important aspect of the evening, but ultimately there needs to be those photographs which are singled out for special praise.   It was good to see some of our newer members doing well.  Fiona Barnie scored points with both of her prints “Misty Morning” and “Sunset Silhoutte”.  Trudi Fitzsimmons also did well with one of my personal favourites on the night “Blue Wall”.  Malcolm McMillan’s “Silver and Bronze” was praised as was Andrew Winter’s “The Rock” and Colin Grant’s “Laid back Swan”.  I have included these photos and many others from the evening in this week’s paper.  I hope you enjoy them all.

At the end of the evening though, Ruth had the unenviable task of choosing her top three colour prints.

It was Patrick McCloskey with his fantastic portrait “Man of the World” in second place, and David Bell with a lovely atmospheric seascape and expertly printed “Bagh Steinigidh Beach” which took first place who stole the show on the night.  Given the strength of the competition I was happy to secure the third place slot with my nature study “Long Tailed Tit”

As it turns out, that third place was crucial for me in the overall colour print league as it was just enough to bring me level on points scored with David Bell at the top of the table.  It also meant that, over the year, I had one more placed image than David. So, unfortunately for him it secured me the “Ardeer Plate” for winning Best Overall Colour Print Photographer for this season.

Although we make a big fuss of competitions, it is still important to recognise the quality of all the prints that were entered, which I think truly shows the breadth of talent within the club.

If you would like to join our vibrant and active camera club, you can find all our details at  Next week I will be bringing you the results of the monochrome section of the print competition.  Until then…Enjoy the Light!


Congratulations Clive on winning the “Ardeer Plate” it is excellent to see the league table with scores close together and all to play for until the end. As always you never fail to mention the newcomers and beginners which for me is very much appreciated. Thanks Fi 

Thanks Fiona.  We will have less space in future Heralds as they are reducing the number of pages they have (and therefore we are going down to 2 pages) but we will definitely keep showcasing everyone's work as much as we can.